05Origin: New York, USA. Originated by George Brackenbury and Ezra Cornell who crossed Partridge Wyandotte males with dark Brahma females and Silver Laced Wyandotte males and Silver Pencilled Hamburg females. This occurred in 1897 and in 1902 the breed was added to the American Standard.

Classification: Heavy: Soft feather

Egg Colour: Tinted

General Characteristics: Male/Female

Carriage: Graceful, well balanced, alert and active but docile.
Type: Body short with well rounded sides. Broad and short back. Breast full, broad and round. Medium sized wings which are nicely folded to the side. Medium sized tail which is full and spread at the base. Main feather are carried upright, sickles of medium length.

Head: Short and broad. Beak is stout and well curved. Eyes are prominent. The comb is rose coloured and evenly set on the head being medium in height and width; gradually tapering towards the back and terminating in a definite spike (leader) which follows the curve of the neck. Face is smooth and fine in texture. Ear-lobes are oblong. Wattles are medium length and fine in texture.

Neck: Medium in length and well arched with a full hackle.

Legs & Feet: Thighs are medium in length and well covered in soft, fluffy, close and silky feathers. Shanks are medium in length, strong and well rounded. The shanks are free of feathers and fluff. Four straight and well spread toes.

Plumage: Fairly close and silky and not too abundant or fluffy.

Colour: Male Head is silvery-white. Hackles are bright silvery-white, fading to white, free from washiness, each feather having a clearly defined glossy black stripe down the middle, not running out at the tip, and free from light shaft. Back and shoulders are bright silvery-white. Wing bar solid, glossy black, primaries solid black, free from white; secondaries, white outer web and black inner and end of the feather, the silvery-white alone showing when the wing is closed. Undercolour black or dark grey, free from white. Breast and fluff metallic black, free from red or grey ticking. Tail (including sickles and tail coverts) metallic-black, free from white at roots

Colour: Female Head and hackle is silvery-white, the larger feathers finely and clearly pencilled. Breast, back, cushion and wings soft silvery-white, quite even and free from any tints, each feather plentifully and distinctly pencilled with black, the pencilling to follow the form of the feather and to be even and uniform throughout. Fine sharply defined pencilling with three or more distinct lines of black is preferred to coarse, broad marking, especially in females, in which the pencilling is generally better defined than in pullets. Pencilling, constitute defects. Light shafts to feathers on the breast must be penalised. Fluff silvery-white (same shade as the body), pencilled with black on outer web, black on inner web, showing pencilling when the wing is closed. Tail silvery-white with clearly pencilled feathers up to the point of the tail.

Weight: Large Fowl Cock: Not less than 9lb (4.08kg) Cockerel: Not less than 8lb (3.62kg) Hen: Not less than 7lb (3.17kg) Pullet: Not less than 6lb (2.72kg)


  • Eggs = £2.50 Per Egg
  • Day Old Chicks = £8.00 Each
  • Growers Up to Six Weeks = £15.00 Each
  • Growers Six Weeks to Sixteen Weeks = £25.00 Each
  • P.O.L Pullets = £35.00 Each


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