Star Bank Poultry and in particular Keith & Kevin are specialist breeders of show stock poultry breeds. Keith & Kevin are excellent providers of pure breed poultry for sale. Whether it is hatching eggs, point of lay (also known as P.O.L.), day olds, chicks, growers, pullets, bantam, hens or stock cockerels we can provide excellent show stock quality poultry, from the best lines and top poultry breeds. All our poultry breeds follow the correct breed standard in over 8 poultry breeds.

Star Bank Poultry understands what is needed to produce the highest quality show stock poultry to win the top awards at Poultry Shows. Always on the cutting edge of poultry breeding, we specialise in new and rare poultry breeds which are very hard to source, such as Silver Pencil Wyandottes plus Blue Beared Bantam Silkies. Get more info on our Poultry Breed Profile.

Our passion is Araucana and Wyandotte chickens and we have carefully selected all our Araucana and Wyandotte chicken breeds from the top breeders in Europe and our lines are exceptional. In 2014 our Pencil Wyandotte chickens and Araucana won most of the top awards (cockerels and hens) in the Federation Championship Show. We show our birds and participate in all the major exhibitions and shows in the UK. There are many breeders who advertise their birds as exhibition and show quality even though they have never been in a show. Please do not be fooled by people advertising exhibition and show quality birds as you may end up purchasing low standard birds. You can see all our show results for each breed.