French Copper Blue and BlackOrigin: MARANS, town on the Atlantic coast, near La Rochelle (France).

Classification: Heavy : Soft Feather

Characteristics of hatching eggs:
The eggs should be large, ranging in size from about 65 grams for a pullet to 70-80 grams for an adult hen.
To have a deep dark red-brown coloured shell.

General appearance for both male/female:
Body ……….strong, fairly long and wide especially near the shoulders which are held high.
Neck………..long, fairly strong, tending to curve in on top towards the skull; the hackles are made of many long and abundant feathers covering the shoulders well
Back…………long, flat, slightly concave towards the rear
Saddle……..large, slightly raised but not rounded, covered with many lancets
Breast………strong and large
Abdomen….well developed
Wings………short , kept close to the body
Tail…………..strong at its base, quite short, fairly up without going over 45 °
Head……….average size, slightly flat and long
Comb………simple, of an average size, with a fairly rough texture. Sharp edges. The lobe not touching the nape
Wattles…….average size, red with a fine texture
Ear-lobes…average size, red and long
Face…………red coloured with or without down
Eyes…………bright, with a orangey-red iris
Beak………..Quite strong, slightly hooked and horn-coloured
Shanks…….big, without vulture hocks
Tarsi………..average size, with some feathers white or lightly pink coloured for all the varieties except for the BLACK, BROWN-RED and BIRCHEN Marans were grey or dark grey is permitted, although not preferred, for both sexes. Four long and well separated toes with the outer one sparsely feathered. The claws are white or horn- coloured

Smaller than the cock, with a large, strong and more rounded body, a straighter back line, a well developed abdomen , and a fine comb,
straight or inclined only in the rear part.

The Brown-Red Variety
(Also called Black Copper-neck, Black Copper, Copper Black, Blue copper-neck, Blue copper, copper blue)

Cock : Black-breasted red or blue-breasted red with parsimonious red spotting on the breast. Having a black/blue wing triangle,The red markings are not to be yellow or mahogany,Copper coloured lancets in the neck hackle & the back. Deep red shoulders.
Hen : Black/blue with red hackle markings but without the typical Birchen breast lacing. Very slight red breast marking is acceptable. Green sheen is not required on Black Copper-neck, Black Copper, Copper Black and no sheen at all on theBlue copper-neck, Blue copper, copper blue.
Disqualifying Defects on the brown-red variety(Black Copper-neck, Black Copper, Copper Black, Blue copper-neck, Blue copper, copper blue)
Cock : brown wing bay; any other colour than black/blue on the flights; straw- coloured hackles.
Hen : brown spots on the body.

Weights: Cock 3.60kg (8lb) Cockerel 3.20kg (7lb) Hen 3.20kg (7lb) Pullet 2.70kg (6lb)


  • Eggs = £2.50 Per Egg
  • Day Old Chicks = £8.00 Each
  • Growers Up to Six Weeks = £15.00 Each
  • Growers Six Weeks to Sixteen Weeks = £25.00 Each
  • P.O.L Pullets = £35.00 Each