Raising Chicks

Raising chicks from 6-8 weeks is a crucial period especially when hatched by artificial process (incubation) chicks need to be kept under heat until at least 6 weeks of age, regular clean drinking water changes help with good quality chick crumb. Same process is needed except for the heat source when hatching with a broody hen (natural hatching) the mother hen keeps all her offspring warm and helps with everything they need until 6 weeks of age when they are much bigger and ready to move to the outside world.

From 6-8 weeks raising is very different the feed now needs to be changed to a good quality of growers pellets and the offspring will now need more space and room to maneuver around. Perches are not needed at this age this helps to prevent any deformation of the breastbone and also helps in there future life supporting not to suffer from respiratory problems.

Nest boxes at this stage is also not needed as roosting in the nest boxes is a habit that can be hard to break later leading to dirty and partly incubated eggs. Coop or hen house should be kept clean, wind proof and water proof to prevent any diseases or cold spread viruses. keeping close observation on the offspring is essential at all times, for further information or any questions.