029Origin: Chile is the home of the Araucana as a breed and the lavender variant was first bred by George Malcolm in Scotland in the 1930’s.

Classification: Light: Soft feather Egg Colour: Blue or green

General Characteristics: Male/female

Carriage: Alert and active.

Type: Body is long and deep, free from heaviness. Back is moderately long and horizontal. Wings are large and strong. Tail is well developed with full sickles carried at an angle of 45o. Head: Moderately small. Beak is strong and stout. Eyes are bold. Comb small pea. Face covered with thick muffling and ear muffs abundant. Crest compact and carried well back from the eyes. Ear-lobes moderately small and concealed by muffling. Wattles absent. Neck: Of medium length abundantly furnished with hackle feathers. Legs & Feet: Medium length, strong and well apart legs. Shanks are free from feathers. Four straight and well spread toes.

The general characteristics for the female are similar to those of the male allowing for the natural sexual differences. Comb small pea.

Differences between tailed female Araucana head (left) and a grey hybrid. Head crest (a fraction too large) on the Araucana is clearly visible along with a good, small, pea comb, muffling and beard.

Colour: An even shade of blue-grey throughout.

Weight: Large Fowl

Male: Not less than 6-7 lb (2.7-3.2kg) Female: Not less than 5-6 lb (2.25-2.7kg)


  • Eggs = £2.50 Per Egg
  • Day Old Chicks = £7.50 Each
  • Growers Up to Six Weeks = £15.00 Each
  • Growers Six Weeks to Sixteen Weeks = £25.00 Each
  • P.O.L Pullets = £35.00 Each


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